Use Robo free Chrome extension to effortlessly import products from virtually any site to your Shopify store in just a few clicks. 

Step 1: Install our Free Chrome Extension on the browser.

Step 2: Visit a product details page on any online store.

Step 3:  Click the Robo  Extension (top right corner of the browser) and Hit 'Add to Shopify' button. 

Step 4: Robo app will extract product data (title, description, images ...) and show it to you in a form.

Step 5: Verify and edit the data. Click the 'Add product' button to import the item to your Shopify store! 


With constantly changing e-commerce sites, the product data imported might not be accurate. Verify data before importing.
While the app can import product data from most sites there could be cases where the data is unavailable or inaccurate.
You may report errors by raising a ticket here.


  • Before importing the products, you have to login to the app in the same browser as the chrome extension.
  • We do not support the importing of variants yet.